Lunar Eclipse 2015, and Other Adventures.

I wanted to start blogging about my adventures/life, because whats a great moment without a story to take away from it? I started in on this eclipse purely because of social media. It was advertised and propagated to the point where you would have been considered a hermit living in the 90's without internet if you had no exposure to this.

Blood Moon

This is what happens when 2 people have cell phones and a 15 second exposure.

The stars over Buffalo, NY

Generational casualties aside my interest began to grow into how I was going to capture this celestial moment. I didn't have any special gear that would allow me to zoom closer to the eclipse. The picture of the moon that you see is a pretty steep crop after shooting with a 70-300mm on a Canon 6D. After a few shots I had my friend switch lenses with me as I was getting a bit lost in the futility of trying to get closer to the moon. Shooting with the 24-70mm opened up new perspectives on the beach.

Thats when the shots that started out as snaps evolved into set pieces. Being able to capture so much in the moonlight really influenced the creative direction. Truthfully being out under the moon having one of my favorite bands blasting, and solid company made this shoot worth every second. The only slight road bumps were only having only one tripod and being kicked off of the beach by the local police.  That was ok though. A few exchanges and smiles later I was on my way.  I got what I came for and couldnt be happier because of it.- BW

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