The Orchard

Apple picking why not? It's pretty much how my reaction was when I was asked. I love apples, but competing with the massive crowds and all the traffic has always turned me off from spending any significant time in an orchard. What I will say is how fast my outlook changed when I saw how thrilled my friends son was about it all.  

Every nook and cranny of this farm became his personal playground. As a child we see so much for the first time it's almost a sensory overload. It's the right of passage as we grow older. The world as we know it as adults is a complex and often times scary place. Through a child's eyes the world only exists in front of them and what they can see. All of earths complexities remain unknown only presenting the beautiful and observable.

All of these years of shooting keeps me asking the question, " how do I see what I used to see."  I think the imagination of a parent is such a powerful gift. I have no children of my own and live through dear friends and their kids, but I can speculate. The magnitude of showing the world to someone is single handedly the most influential act we can impose. Its the act of passing it forward.

Even as adults we regain some of our lost innocence when looking through the eyes of an unadulterated soul. That is how kids give back. 

Bryan WrayComment