It's a Mad World

This shoot was something of a small production to say the least. There were so many talented people involved making this happen. I cannot say how much I appreciate everyone who has gave 100% to this.  We decided to try something a bit different and decided to go with a vintage 60’s vibe. I have never really shot anything like this before and wanted to experiment with how far we could delve into this.  For the location we decided on an older Hotel in Buffalo, NY to help with our setting.   My city brims with old relics of the past that really lend to inspiring shoots like this.  The half of what we photograph is to create an emotional response. For that to happen I needed other's to help flesh out my vision. 

The day of the shoot was filled with the small chaos that is having 4 models and a full creative crew including an MUA (Michelle Lynn), 2nd photographer (Heather Sargent) and Assistant (Michael Morel), Stylist (Simone Alexis) and a mammoth of a wardrobist/hairstylist (Megan Krug).  As we were loading in my mind was blown with the amount of “stuff” coming in. Part of the pressure of these shoots is knowing that the amount of pre-planning is enough. Though the emotions were running a bit high at the sight of everything we had almost no set backs .The amount of professionalism shown by all of these individuals was nothing less than stellar. It really allow's me to really focus on what Im doing without distraction. 

My thought process during all of this was how do I communicate a story without having a narrative. These pictures were taken and edited to cause question of what may be going on.  In pre-production we mapped out a story outlining what everyone’s motivations would be to help solidify the basis of the shoot.. What actually happened was that the story was scrapped last minute, and we decided to play off of the models to see how it pieced together.  As luck would have it the chemistry was incredible. We had such a diverse group and seeing how open everyone was to the vision helped move things along nicely.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them. And thank you again to everyone involved! Cheers!

MUA: Michelle Lynne

Wardrobe/Hairstylist : Megan Krug

2nd photographer: Heather Sargent

Stylist: Simone Alexis

Set Assistant: Michael Morel

Model’s: Tersea Durlak, Rene Margret, Kyle Wilson, Morgan Bleem.

Bryan WrayComment