Art Portrait Session

We all live in mother nature's graces. Blessed by her light and cursed by the same. Its the power of being able to sustain the mountain and nurture the waters. It's the same force that breathes into the wind and weathers the old.  This concept made itself apparent as this edit process wrapped up to completion. 

This shoot like many others inspired me to push my perspective and to step out side myself. My Model Leah Divine owned this very ornate mirror that was stored aside having not been used in quite some time. It was a great prop to incorporate, but getting it to be meaningful in any way puzzled me for sometime. 

We were working in a smaller sized room that didn't allow me the space needed to capture the angle I needed. So on a whim I put a large Octagon Softbox directly in front of the mirror along with a few other flashes set up.  The result had this complete diffused look about it, almost sculpture like.  Having  enlightening moments is why I love doing this. Its just a giant blank canvas waiting for happy mistakes and possibility to happen.


Model: Leah Divine

MUA: MIchelle Lynn

Set Assistant: Teresa Durlak